Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm Back!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

I'm back!!!! After more than 6 months of being MIA I've decided to get back to blogging.  I'm SO SO sorry to all my loyal followers that I all of the sudden just pretty much dropped off the face of the planet!!!! Things just got SO busy back in November after my sister's wedding (with the holidays then a lot more crazy stuff which I WILL fill you in on) and I just never had time to update and keep up with all the things going on!!!

Well I just wanted to pop on here to let you know I'm Back and that I've updated the background and such.  I'll be catching up on Evie's monthly posts and also updating you all on what's going on in our VERY busy lives!!!!

Stay tuned!!!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Evelyn: 5 Months Old!!!

My baby is 5 Months Old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe Evie will be half a year old in another month....SERIOUSLY??!! I need to start thinking about her 1 year old birthday party already....for real! 

Evie's been doing great on formula....totally the RIGHT choice! She's growing and gaining weight and is not longer just in the 10th percentile (what she was when breastfed).  She's hitting the 50th percentile for both weight and height so everything is growing along just fine! We haven't tried solids again since last month (she CRIED cuz she thought it was medicine...which she had to take when she gave me Thrush during 3 months and she HATED it so she thought it was more meds).  I think we'll give it a try this month since she's been doing the 'chewing' movements with her mouth all the time. 

Teething?? I think she's definitely in the beginning stages!! She's putting her fingers in her mouth like no tomorrow and drooling more than ever before...but not crazy slobber yet.  We'll see where month 5 has in store for this!! 

Evie at 5 months can...
~Smile and laugh with AND at you!!!! 
~Sit up in my lap when I 'hug' her!
~Kick, kick and KICK!! She still loves kicking!!! Still rubbing her feet together tons...I hate that she does it cuz her nails scratches her toes!
~Babble like no tomorrow! She makes long sounds and sounds like a cat a lot LOL
~Suck on her fist and fingers (her INDEX finger is her favourite) and reach out and grab onto things on purpose!
~Recognize strangers....yup she's started a little bit of stranger anxiety! 
~Roll, roll and ROLL!! She'll pretty much automatically roll onto her tummy and stay in that position when you put her down on her back...which means she's SLEEPING on her tummy now too!
~Recognize when we're talking to her....and when we call her name! 
~Sit up in her stroller! No more bassinet!
~Play independently in her exersaucer!
~Play in her Jolly Jumper...and LOVES it!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Evelyn's First Weddings!!

Evie made her wedding attendance debut in August!!! She attended her first Bridal Shower and Wedding Reception all in the same day!! Then 2 weeks later she attended her first Wedding Ceremony and second Wedding Reception!! I was SO stressed out the weeks before because all the venues for these events were far from our house....45mins-1hour drive.  With the time frame there was NO WAY we'd have time (nor would it have made sense) to drive home in between at all.  I really was worried that she would start getting super cranky during the ceremony and receptions to the point that we'd have to leave but luckily, our baby girl was a GOOD girl for all these events.  She loved the music/lights at the receptions so much that she drifted off to sleep and Ed and I were able to stay the ENTIRE NIGHT for BOTH weddings!! It was so fun getting all dressed up and dressing Evie up for these weddings! We have like another 7 weddings in the next year to go to so I'm glad we got off to a good start!! She seems to really love crowds and noises!! YAY!! Here's some cute pics!!!

At her first Wedding Reception ever! Ed's family was there and her Uncles FINALLY were brave enough to hold her for the first time EVER...I mean how could they NOT? She was so darn cute!!!

At her first Wedding Ceremony ever!!! It was one of my best friend's weddings (she was my bridesmaid when I got married 3 years ago!!) and there were tons of our friends fun!! 

Later that night at the Wedding Reception! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Evelyn: 4 Months Old!!!

Yup I'm going to say it pretty much every month....I CANNOT BELIEVE EVIE IS 4 MONTHS OLD!!! 

She has grown up SO much over the past month and has become SOMEWHAT more independent!! She's able to sit up in your lap now and even up against the couch if you're beside her! She's SO curious about everything and wants to be a part of everything all the time!! 

Her sleep is still pretty much the same....she is STARTING to nap for a little bit during the day...usually after her morning feed before noon but only for about an hour or so.  Sleeping a solid 6-8 hours every night! Our bedtime routine is pretty solid too.  Starting between 8-9pm she gets her bath and then bottle and she's usually out by the time she's done feeding.  

A HUGE thing this month...we ended our breast feeding days over the last week because I was having way too many issues with Mastitis and such.  Also, she wasn't even getting enough to eat from me.  The first day we started on formula she drank 4-6oz!! I normally am able to pump BARELY 4-5oz and that's with squeezing everything I have out.  She's been much happier since and that's when the naps during the day have started!  

We are starting her on rice cereal next month so I'm super excited for that and also she will get to finally use her exersaucer!! It'll be nice for her to be able to start entertaining herself rather than me having to entertain her ALL the time!! She LOVES to be entertained by the way!! She LOVES going to the mall and looking around at EVERYTHING and smiling at EVERYONE!! Definitely NOT an introvert at this point!!! 

Evie at 4 months can...
~Smile and laugh WITH you!!!! 
~Hold her head up to look around when I put her on my shoulder and when she's sitting in my lap!
~Kick, kick and KICK!! She loves kicking!!! She does this thing where she rubs her feet together!
~Make TONS of vocal noises!! She'll just sit there and make noises for hours!
~Suck on her fist and sometimes randomly grab onto things that are within reach
~Recognize her grandparents now too and I THINK my siblings too? Oh and our puppy Tobey too!
~Roll over from tummy to back!!!
~Roll from back to side!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summa Summa Summa Time....

I can't believe August is almost over....and that Evie will be 4 months old next month!!! The weather in July and August here in Vancouver have been AMAZING and that's why I haven't posted much in the last bit....too many fun stuff OUTSIDE to do!!!  Here's a Photoblog to recap Evie's first summer!!!!
Evie's first time downtown....

We had MANY BBQ's at my parent's house this summer!!! 

We also had TONS of walks at our favourite park too!
Daddy started working nights so he was able to be home during the day (and have 3 day weekends!)
Sitting up!!
Semi-napping during the's so hot!!
Starting to build a friendship with Big Brother Tobey!
Uhh ya that's his baby alright!!
Head lifts!!!!
More walks!!
More semi-naps during the hot day!
More walks....
Bumbo fun!!

On realllllly hot days we'll go to restaurants....
...and the mall for air conditioning LOL

She LOVES smiling and laughing too!!!! Can't wait to see what Fall/the next 3 months has to offer us!!!!